Like many other child liver transplant recipients Cordelia was born with Biliary Atresia and was very ill indeed when she received a transplant at 16 months old. This isn’t going to be the story of her illness though; instead I want to focus on what her life has been like since transplant.

Cordelia had quite a slow recovery from her transplant surgery because, in the words of all the medical staff, she had been very sick. But within six months of surgery she had learned to stand, then crawl and then walk. Obviously she was late to reach these milestones but she caught up quickly. Twelve months post-transplant, once she had lost her ‘steroid face’ she looked no different to any other 2 year old.

These days, people who don’t know her story often comment to us about how tall she is compared to other kids in her class at school. And those who do know her story look at her with a sense of wonder when they compare her to her pre-transplant self.

We never lose sight of the need to take special care of Cordelia’s health, but those who have a child waiting for a transplant will be amazed at how easily it becomes a routine part of life. Instead of a life filled with procedures and medical appointments Cordelia spends her time having swimming lessons, learning violin and Irish dancing. 

She loves school and learning and has grown into a delightful and independent girl with a phenomenal memory and amazing compassion for other people.